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The NJROTC Program




The NJROTC program was established by Public Law in 1964 which may be found in Title 10, U.S. Code, Chapter 102. The program is conducted at accredited secondary schools throughout the nation, and taught by instructors who are retired Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard officers and enlisted personnel. The NJROTC accredited curriculum emphasizes citizenship and leadership development, as well as our maritime heritage, the significance of sea power, and naval topics such as the fundamentals of naval operations, seamanship, navigation and meteorology. Classroom instruction is augmented throughout the year by extra-curricular activities of community service, academic, athletic, drill and orienteering competitions, field meets, visits to naval or other activities, marksmanship sports training, and physical fitness training. Electronic classroom equipment, textbooks, uniforms, educational training aids, travel allowance, and a cost-share of instructors' salaries are provided by the Navy.


Senior Naval Science Instructor

CWO3 Velasquez
USN (Ret)
Wilkerson Profile Picture.jpg

Naval Science Instructor

1STSGT Jermaine Wilkerson USMC (Ret)

A typical week in the Grossmont High School program


Academics Day

The year begins with Military Ranks, Chain of Command and General Orders to the Sentry. We will complete units on the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, Naval History, Physical Science.


Drill Day

Cadets learn to execute the basic procedures of Military Drill. Drill is used to teach leadership and the ability to follow instructions.


Uniform Day

The students are expected to demonstrate the proper wear of the uniform. Inspection will occur and uniform is manditory.


Physical Training Day.

This day is used to improve the students physical conditioning through a variety of physical activities to include running, sit-ups, push-ups, weight lifting, sandbag carry, etc. The activities are mixed and combine aspects of Marine Combat Physical Fitness events.

Beyond the classroom Grossmont High's NJROTC program offers many after school activities to include:

1. A 40 man drill team that competes against the other NJROTC units in Southern California.  The Drill Team consists of Armed and Unarmed Exhibition Teams, Armed and Unarmed Basic Drill Teams.

2. Color Guard Team, Academic Team, and Athletic Team. 

3. Additionally we have a Marksmanship Team, Orienteering Team and Drone Team. 

Beyond these activities we also sponsor

Cadet Ball

a Formal evening complete with dinner and dancing.

USS Howard

Cadets will be able to visit the USS Howard for a field trip on

Naval Base

Cadets visit Naval Base San Diego for Damage Control Training (shipboard simulator )

Holiday Magic

San Diego Civic Center for Holiday Magic, where cadets will be handing gifts to children.

Grossmont - Orange Glen (57 of 100).jpg
Mini Boot Camp

Marine Corps Recruit Depot for a Boot Camp graduation ceremony

Fort Rosecrans

Finally, the Rosecrans National Cemetery for Memorial Day.

Furthermore, a select group of students are selected annually to participate in summer training at either the week long Leadership Academy held each year at the Irvine Ranch Outdoor Educational Center or the three day Sail Academy taught at the Navy's Fiddlers Cove Marina in Coronado. Leadership Academy's mission is to prepare high performing Cadets to take positions of leadership in their school's NJROTC program. The main goal is to return a highly motivated Cadet who will exercise leadership in a position of greater responsibility at their unit. Sail Academy teaches the Cadets the basic tenets of small boat sailing. Both of these courses focus training in areas of leadership, teamwork, communications decision making and physical fitness. Leadership and Sail Academies are highly sought after and it is an experience that the Cadets will remember for a lifetime.

NJROTC at Grossmont High School is NOT here to recruit for any branch of the Military. Our primary focus is on Citizenship development, teaching discipline, responsibility and respect.

There are five rules for success:

1. Give your Best Effort in everything you do.

2. Everything you do is for the benefit of the TEAM.

3. Respect yourself and those around you.

4. When you get knocked down get back up.

5. When you see someone who is down help them back up.


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